Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Alabama Skye Featured by Elite Book Promotions

A couple of weeks ago I was surprised by an email in my Goodreads mailbox. It was sent to me by a very friendly woman named Misha Almira who runs Elite Book Promotions. She wanted to know if she could feature Alabama Skye as a book of the day, then if she could list it on her blog. 

Um, let me think about that for .2 seconds....

Let's see...How about YES!!!!

I was very excited to say the least and wrote her back immediately. She then asked me to write a little something about my relationship with the characters of the book. This I could do.

I actually had eighteen chapters of the book written before I went back to focus on my first book, The Color of Thunder, which was published in December, 2012. When I came back to Alabama Skye, so much had changed in my personal life. The basic story stayed pretty much the same, but I added another character. I added Sarah Guthrie Gannon. She's a very, very important character; not only to the story that's told in Alabama Skye, but to me personally. She's based on someone I've loved dearly my whole entire life. But, instead of me explaining that here, please take a moment to click on this link and read what I wrote for Elite Book Promotions.

I'd love to know what you think about it. Please leave me a comment if you have a minute. Thanks so much!