Thursday, June 12, 2014

Now it's real...

I now have a hardback copy as well as a paperback copy of Alabama Skye in my possession! They arrived today and I couldn't be happier with the way they look.

I'm a two time published author! Wow...

So, here's the scoop.

You can buy the hardback, the paperback and the eBook on Amazon. Here's the link:

You can also buy all three versions from my publisher, Xlibris. I'm not exactly sure which format the eBook is in however. If you put it in your basket, I'm hoping this information will be divulged. I'll work on that and make sure I keep you updated. Here's the link:

They are not showing an eBook available yet on Barnes & Noble, but I have been reassured that it's coming. To purchase either the hardback or softcover there, follow this link:

Both of the eBooks from Amazon and Xlibris are priced at $3.99. I've been told by those who have read it that it's an easy read. Perfect for trips to the beach or reading on the plane as you fly to vacation spots this summer!

Reviews are incredibly important to authors. I urge you to please leave one for me if you read the book. It doesn't have to be long or wordy...and I'll be enormously grateful to you for doing so. Amazon is the best place to leave that review. It doesn't matter if you bought the book through them or not.

I appreciate everyone's support! I am really proud of Alabama Skye. I hope you all like it, too.