Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Morning Routine: Thirty Day Writing Challenge Day 22

I'll be honest ... I'm not really a morning person. Okay, let me restate that ... I'm not much of a really early morning person. I like getting up at about eight. That seems reasonable to me, but we've already established in yesterday's post that I'm a Pisces, so that means I like to sleep. My, oh, my ... the things you learn during a thirty day writing challenge.

On the weekends I do get a chance to sleep in until eight, but on a normal day, I'm awake by about six thirty. Well, I'm up and stumbling by six thirty, careful not to fall down the stairs as I rush to let the puppies out of the kennel. I follow them back upstairs, grab my tablet and sit wearily on the top step of the deck stairs and come slowly out of the fog while both Phoebe and Ursula run around like a pack of wild animals. 

This is actually one of my favorite parts of the morning. I start my day off by reading - it isn't for a long period of time, maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, but it's a great way to wake up. Sometimes the dogs are ready for their breakfast before I'm done with a chapter. In that case, I tell them to go play some more. They tilt their dark heads at me, then they take off again and give me another few minutes. 

It's also wonderfully cool outside at this time of the morning. Soon, I'll be out there in my fuzzy socks, wrapped up in a quilt ... and I won't be able to sit on the top step because it will be covered in a foot of snow ... but for right now, it's pretty darn pleasant out there.

School just kicked in yesterday, so I say farewell to the leisurely summer time morning routine. Now, after the dogs come in, it's breakfast time for them and me, and a bit of housework before I make my coffee and sit down at the computer for an hour or two of editing and/or writing. Then school kicks in at ten o'clock, and the morning is mostly gone.

Speaking of which ... it's now 8:54 am. Time for that second cup of coffee.