Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Night of My 21st Birthday: Thirty Day Writing Challenge Day 29

I don't actually remember what took place on the exact night of my 21st birthday ... but I do remember how I celebrated the occasion.

First of all, it snowed - because that's what it does in March in Colorado.

Steven, my husband, had, at that point, been my boyfriend for exactly one month. The two of us drove up to Evergreen where my parents live. My stepdad, Larry, (whom I've called Larrabee - you know, from the character in the old TV show Get Smart - since I was a little girl) is an excellent cook. We have kind of a tradition, or did have for a long time. He'd always make kebabs for me for my birthday. Beef, pineapple, red onion, green bell pepper ... and mushrooms. So many mushrooms. I absolutely love mushrooms. There was always steamed artichokes, too, and mounds of wild rice, and my mom always baked me a Black Magic Cake. This is chocolate cake with coffee in the batter, covered with homemade cream cheese frosting. 

Yikes. I'm drooling. I must be hungry. My birthday is a whole seven months away. Maybe I need to make this meal in the very near future and forget about that whole once a year tradition nonsense.

This was the first time Steven had come up to my parents' house, although my mom knew him (or about him) pretty well. She used to drive me past his house so I could see if he was in his yard. I had a crush on Steven big time. Ah ... young love.

I know I've posted this picture before, but it was taken on this particular night. It was the first photo taken of Steven and I as a couple.

After eating my weight in all that glorious food, Steven and I climbed into his car, (an old and very cool black BMW) and set off down the mountain. I lived in an apartment off of 64th and Lowell at the time, right near where I grew up in Westminster. 

A lot of snow had fallen while we all gorged ourselves on Larrabee's fine cuisine, and the driving was treacherous. Fortunately, Steven and I both grew up Colorado - and he's an excellent driver. It took us a very long time to get back home, but we finally made it without mishap.

It was a monster of a storm. It knocked out electricity for a long while and we spent the night snuggled up without lights or heat. We were safe and sound, though, and I was with the one person I wanted most to be with. It was a pretty fantastic 21st birthday.