Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Three Pet Peeves: Thirty Day Writing Challenge Day 15

I've got a few pet peeves. Doesn't everyone? The list of things that bother me is short. Three is just about right - so here they are. These aren't necessarily in order.


My good friend and fellow author, Jennifer Sivec, mentioned this one as well. I'm sure she's expecting me to include this because she and I have a very similar outlook on life. Crappy things happen. Sometimes we're like Alexander and have terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Sometimes a bad patch lasts longer than a day, or a week, or a month - god knows I've have some pretty awful stretches of time in my life - and you need to allow yourself a good cry, or scream or drinking binge every so often. But then you need to get the hell over it in my opinion. Life is short. Life is precious. Life is good. I am a seeker of happiness. I am a believer that there is always a bright side. I am a believer of the importance of positive thinking. Besides, I love to laugh. Laughing is good medicine.

 Over Opinionated (Judgemental) People

If you read this blog, you know that I am a homeschooler. My kids and I have been learning at home for a little more than thirteen years now. The decision to homeschool was made after many, many discussions between my husband and I, and after much deliberation. I am one who enjoys research, and I had a lot of that behind me when I began teaching my daughter, Maya, the day after her fourth birthday. Homeschooling laws are different in every state. Yes, I've followed them in every place we've lived. Yes, I test our children - and with standardized tests that are not evaluated or graded by me. Yes, we follow a schedule (10 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday). Yes, I follow a curriculum and keep track of what's required for not only our state, but the school district in which we live. Even though I take education very seriously, there are still naysayers - and that's fine - but one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone sits me down and quizzes me about my abilities, or the wisdom of our choice to homeschool when they know nothing about the way I teach. Socialization - blah, blah, blah - Please. Stop. Choir, soccer, dance, gymnastics, swim team, art classes, book clubs, bowling leagues ... the list goes on and on and on. Meet my kids. Have a conversation with them. Ask them about what they're studying and get to know them. They'll blow you away, and impress the hell out of you, and they'll do it in a very short amount of time. I guarantee it.

Bad Manners

This one is self-explanatory. Please, thank you, excuse me ... I'm always sad when I use any of these expressions and the person I'm talking to seems surprised to hear them. Mean people suck ... especially when good manners are so easy.

I'd say those are the biggies for me. What about you? What pets your peeves?