Friday, August 26, 2016

Screensavers: #AKwritingChallenge Day 9

I work primarily on a desktop computer. My screensaver there changes ... usually displaying the cover of my newest book, or a photo of my kids that I particularly love. I take a lot of pictures, and my kids are the cutest ones on the planet - says every mother about their own children - so they oftentimes find themselves on the screen. 

I also change the photos on my screen to different places I've traveled so I can be reminded of how awesome those trips were when I boot up the computer in the morning. Currently, my screensaver is this:

London. God, that was a fun trip. Ignore those damn horses on the wall if you will. The wallpaper in this house is going to be the death of us all. :)

The screensaver on my phone is boring. It's just a weather app. Why I can't just go outside to see if it's hot, cold, wet or dry is beyond me. I guess I like to pretend to know what the weather will do from one day to the next. They aren't so good about predicting weather here in Colorado, but I like how they keep trying.

I also have a tablet. I use it mainly for my Kindle app - that gets a ton of daily use - and solitaire. I'm old school. I can play it without thinking. Sometimes not thinking is good. Sometimes not thinking is absolutely necessary.

That screensaver is of Heidelberg. We traveled a lot while in Germany, but Heidelberg will always be one of my favorite places. We visited this city a lot, and I loved it every time.

I haven't changed my screensavers in a while ... I don't have any plans for the upcoming weekend ... maybe I'll get crazy and switch them all up.