Friday, August 5, 2016

About My Recent Book

Funny that the topic for this week is my recent book ... because last night a great big box was dropped off on my front porch. Guess what was inside?

My most recent book! It was released about ten weeks ago, but I put in a big order for paperbacks within the last few days. They arrived, all shiny and beautiful ... and seeing them brought tears to my eyes. This is number four. I'm starting to believe that seeing the newest novel in all its printed glory will always make me react this way. What a wonderful, wonderful thing. 

This is the first book that was published under my own imprint, Black Cat Press.


I will be redesigning the other covers, and they, too, will have the Black Cat Press logo on them ... but this first Goddess of Tornado Alley novel is breaking new ground for me as an author.

This book has been so much fun. I've just loved every single thing about this book ... and I've gotten so much positive feedback on it. So many readers seem to relate to Frank, and Archer's got some fan girls. I can't even tell you how awesome that is. :) Maybe he needs his own Facebook page?

Here is a peek at the main characters, (except for Archer, because you have to read the book to figure him out.)

Just in case you'd like to see Archer, here he is ...

This book is nothing but fun. It's silly, and light-hearted, sweet and goofy. It was so much fun to write, and from what I've been hearing, it's a pretty fun book to read. 

I'll leave you with one more fun teaser. If you're interested in purchasing Dead Beat Dates & Deities, you can do so here

And I think that sums it up nicely.