Friday, August 19, 2016

My Favorite Household Appliance: #AKwritingChallenge Day 2

Until this topic came up, I have to admit, I didn't really think about my household appliances all that much. I mean, I love my washer and dryer. Who doesn't like clean clothes and sheets and things? 

The vacuum cleaner is pretty nice, too, but we've pulled most of the carpet out of our house in recent months, so it hasn't gotten used a whole heck of a lot lately. 

The toaster? Yes, I like toast just as much as the next girl. Maybe even more so because now I don't actually eat toast. I've changed my eating habits quite a bit in the last six weeks, and it's a rare thing, finding bread in my kitchen. 

I definitely love my coffee. I like it hot, but my favorite is iced. I'm also kind of a wimp, because I have to doctor the hell out of it. I love all those crazy flavored creamers - but my favorite is Cold Stone's Sweet Cream. That's pretty simple. I cold brew some cinnamon coffee into a big glass full of ice, add some creamer, then stick a straw in it. It sits between my arms as I type and I just keep slowly drinking it as I work. It's a lot like an IV, only there are no needles involved. It works for me. My Keurig. Yes. That would probably be my favorite appliance ...

Except, wait, the Keurig actually does have some competition. The whole eating habits thing I was talking about earlier? I do treat myself to popcorn quite a bit, which makes my air popper pretty high on the favorite appliance list.

It's true, I hadn't thought much about my favorite appliance, but now I find myself yearning for a cold, cinnamon coffee and some popcorn ...