Monday, August 8, 2016

My Zodiac/Horoscope and If I Think It Fits Me: Thirty Day Writing Challenge Day 21

I was born on March 9th. That makes me a Pisces. It's a good day, March 9th. March is the beginning of spring, and as far as numbers go, I think nine is as good as any of the others.

So, does the sign fit me? Well, let's see ...

Sure, although I don't really try to make people feel the way I do. I want them to be happy. Oh, okay ... I'm almost always happy - or try to be - so I guess that qualifies.

This is absolutely true. If I'm in a bad mood, or having an off day, those closest to me have no idea what to do around me. I'm always the one who is up. I'm always the one lifting everyone else's spirits and keeping things positive. If I'm struggling, it throws everything out of whack.

Yep ... I'd agree with all that, too. There are good things and bad things associated with my sign ...

Very true.

I hate thinking I've upset someone ... especially someone whom I really care about. And this next one? Totally me.

Now this is something that annoys a lot of people ...

The fact that I remember so much is both good and bad. The person I'm talking with at the time usually has an opinion about it. I remember important stuff ... (I'm awesome when it comes to remembering dates) but I remember some really stupid, useless stuff, as well. I usually know if something is wrong with a friend or family member, too, but I don't always ask. If I'm close to whomever I'm with, they know I'm always approachable - and that I'll always listen.

This is also true about me.

I have no idea if it has anything at all to do with the fact that I'm a Pisces ... I always figured I needed my eight hours because I'm a marathon multi-tasker and always have fourteen different things going on at once. I am a tired - but productive - girl.



and without a doubt yes. :)

The description of a Pisces is more or less me.

For better or worse.

I personally think it's all pretty good.