Friday, July 25, 2014

Press release for Alabama Skye on PRWeb

I've self published both of my novels through a company called Xlibris. I retain all the rights to my work, plus I get to say what my cover looks like and what the inside format of the text looks like. It costs more money than it would to do it other ways, but I also get quite a bit of marketing for the price I pay. I was interviewed by Xlibris shortly after I published The Color of Thunder in late 2012. Xlibris has a blog and I was featured on their Indie Author's Roundup. Here's a link to that interview:

Xlibris put together a press release for my newest book, Alabama Skye, and sent it out to more than 1,000 media outlets. These include web sites, newspapers, magazines and radio programs. Members of the media rely heavily upon the press releases that cross their desks on a daily basis to fill out every column inch and every broadcast second. When the media responds to a press release, Xlibris acts as the primary contact and forwards interview requests to me. They send free copies of my book to these members of the media, and I just saw the press release they created in action.

Here is what my press release looks like on the PRWeb website:

Of course I'm hoping that Xlibris receives some requests for copies of Alabama Skye, and I'm very interested in doing some interviews. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on this collection of characters in my fictional little town of Kelby. It's been an amazing two months.

Like Sarah says in Alabama Skye, "Opportunity is like a bird. It never perches."

I'm taking every opportunity that I can to help Alabama Skye soar. I feel a little bit of wind beneath this novel's wings. Here's hoping there's enough to get it up into the great big blue sky.