Friday, October 30, 2015

Ten Five-Star Reviews for A Skye Full of Stars!!!

Man, getting reviews is hard work! A Skye Full of Stars was released almost exactly three months ago, and today the book received its tenth review. I'm somewhat stunned that they are all five-star, but I'm very, very happy about it!

The Gannon Family Series is really Women's Fiction...although I didn't really plan it that way. I always just assumed I was writing fiction...possible Southern Fiction, which is my most favorite genre to read, but now, looking back, I definitely see that it's more chick lit than straight fiction. That is why getting such great reviews from male readers is such a triumph to me. I love all my reviews...but this last one made me grin from ear to ear. Take a look:

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Gathering reviews is a difficult task...and authors are grateful for each and every one of them that a reader writes. Thanks to the readers out there that take the time to leave reviews. They really do mean a lot.