Friday, May 6, 2016

My writing room

For some time now, I've been thinking that I'd really like to write regularly here on my blog. When my friend and fellow author, Jennifer Sivec introduced this challenge to me, I decided to jump in. This was organized by author Sophia Valentine. 

So, here goes week number one ...

My writing room. Well ... I'm one of the few people around (at least that I know of) that works on a desk top. I had a lap top for a long time, and then my writing room was wherever I wanted it to be. I'll admit, though, I didn't cart it around much. I'm old school in that I carry a notebook and half a dozen pens around with me in my bag, and if an idea strikes, I write longhand. 

Notes for A Skye Full of Stars
Notes for Dead Beat Dates & Deities
I even take notes longhand when I'm reading a book I plan to review.
I've had a dedicated writing room in every place we've lived. In several houses, a couple different states ... even in two different countries. I'm a homeschooling mom, as well, so my writing room is also my teaching room. I write in whatever time I have, be it during a forty-five minute class period where the kids are on their own, or while I'm waiting for a lasagna to bake.

My office space in North Carolina
Same desk in a different country. Here's my office space in Germany.
When we moved back to Colorado about two and a half years ago, I settled for an office downstairs, but the placement of my office didn't work for teaching. I moved upstairs to a spare room. I liked it just fine, except that said room is covered in horse wallpaper. Now, I like horses as much as the next person. Truly, I do, but this was a little too much horse for me. As you can tell by the rest of this post, I tend to take photos of my writing rooms. I don't have any of my 'horse room'.

I then moved my office one room over. There's wallpaper in there, too, (our house was built in 1970, and the previous owners really, really loved wallpaper) but this pattern was a bit more understated. Flowers and swirls ... still not what I would choose for the walls, but not as distracting as a field full of horses.

I quite liked this room, and was happy here for some time. 

Horses are great, but I'm more of a giraffe kind of girl.
I mentioned that our house was built in 1970. I moved my office again, this time back to the basement, (although not in the same place as it had been before) when we began remodeling our master bedroom. This relocation happened when we moved our bedroom furniture into the room that was my office. I took pictures of my writing room then, too.

I've been using this desk for a great many years.
I've moved again, just recently. Now the remodel is taking place in our basement, alongside the continuing remodel in the master bedroom. The kids and I are currently at the dining room table. It's not ideal, but it works. Yep. You guessed it. I have a photo.

I'm in the middle, book ended by both kids.
So, I've had many, many writing rooms. (Five different ones in just this house alone.) Where would I like my writing room to be?

Who knows? Maybe someday it will be. God knows relocating won't be a problem. I'm a pro.