Saturday, March 30, 2013

Win an autographed paperback of The Color of Thunder!

Hello, all!

Wanted to let you know about a giveaway I'm doing through goodreads. I have two autographed paperback copies of The Color of Thunder available and between April 1 - April 15, you can enter to win one of them. Below find the link to the giveaway, (this may not be the only's not actually up and running for two more days but you can surely get there from here.)

You can also click on the Enter to Win button to the right underneath the Goodreads Book Giveaway here on my blog. (Just look to the right.)

I hope many of you enter! I am not the one who determines the winners...that's all on goodreads. I will sign the books and simply mail them out once the giveaway is over. Please enter!

A few tidbits about the paperback...

I took the cover photograph while on a road trip in South Carolina. Of course the sky wasn't purple...that I added while playing with the picture later. Also, the author photo on the back cover was taken by my hubby while we were on a family trip to one of our favorite castles here in Germany. I wrote the text on the back cover and my publisher, Xlibris put it all together. I am quite proud of the way it all turned out. I hope you like it, too.