Thursday, April 4, 2013

Alabama Skye...second novel coming soon!

            I am not exactly sure when this second novel will be ready to publish but my goal is to have it out by the end of 2013. I have just completed a synopsis for the book and wanted to include it here.

When tragedy befalls Cheney McGillvray, she decides to pack up and leave her beloved home on Scotland’s Isle of Skye. She travels to the beachfront town of Kelby on Alabama's gulf coast and appears unannounced on her sister Meara's doorstep with a plan not only for her own future but also for that of her niece.
Greer, fresh out of culinary school and two months pregnant, takes the advice of her headstrong grandmother Sarah, and agrees to a partnership with her aunt. Together they transform Sarah’s beautiful old home into a proper Scottish B & B right in the heart of America’s southland.
Both women realize the time to face their pasts has arrived in the weeks before they are to open Gannon’s Glen. Cheney finds it difficult to hide the darkness of her past when she begins suffering from debilitating nightmares that bring Greer to her bedside at night and a hurricane sweeps in more than stormy weather. News of the destruction of his childhood home brings Greer’s high school sweetheart and their unresolved relationship back into town. Although they are nearly strangers separated by a forty year age gap, Cheney and Greer lean on one another as they come to terms with their lives and realize the possibilities of their futures.
Sprinkled with humor and colorful descriptions of both the Gulf Coast and that of Scotland’s Inner Hebridean Islands, Alabama Skye is a story about the strength of four generations of women who believe that when things go wrong the ones who stand by you and the ones who lift you up without flinching are the ones you call family.

I am very excited about Alabama Skye. I will keep you posted on its progress here as I get further along in the manuscript.

There is still so much going on for my first novel, The Color of Thunder. Thanks so much to those of you who have left me reviews on Amazon. Reviews are incredibly important to authors so please, if you've read the book and haven't left one, I ask you kindly to do so. You will have my eternal gratitude.

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The weekend is coming up. Hope you all have a good one!