Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Business Cards #PNIWritingChallenge Day 17

I have actually thought long and hard about designing a business card. Since April, 2016, I have been a business owner. I've been writing and editing for a long time now, and while working as an editor/proofreader for Booktrope I'd had thoughts about starting up my own company. When they surprised everyone by going out of busness, I decided that was a great big, blinking, neon sign telling me it was time to take action. 

That's when Wing Family Editing was born.  

Fortunately for me, I have been so busy working that I haven't had a chance to put my business cards together. I took a crack at it this morning. What do you think?

That domain name isn't exact yet ... although I do have the website up and running. The email is correct, so if you're in need of any editing services, you can find me at both places.

I started up an imprint as well. It's called Black Cat Press.

I write under it, of course, and have been thinking about possibly signing some others on eventually. I'll be working on that sometime in the near future, and will be making business cards for that, too. 

Until then, this writer/editor has a lot of writing and editing to get done. Not all of us are as lazy as that big, black cat.