Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Surprise Literary Deaths #PNIWritingChallenge Day 16

...Or maybe not.

Today's topic asks the question "Have you ever killed someone in a story and been surprised by it?" The answer for me would have to be no. But it isn't as straight forward as all that. I'm a writer. Most things aren't.

I've published four books. At least one person dies in three of them. I won't tell you who, and I won't go into the thought processes that brought about these deaths. You'll have to read the books if you want to know who dies. If you want to know why once you've done so, send me a message. We'll talk.

Did I know that these characters were going to die? I sure did. Although I will say that I wasn't sure how it was going to happen for the poor, unfortunate soul in A Skye Full of Stars until I had a dream about it. Oh, my search history while writing that book ... If you didn't know me before catching sight of that, you might think I was a real kook.

Anyway ...

You know what did surprise me? How much I fell in love with one of the characters I killed off. That one was in A Skye Full of Stars as well, but a different character than the one I mentioned before. When I started writing the story, I knew this person was going to die. That was a huge foundation of the story. I just didn't know what a wonderful person this character was going to be before they met their demise. And what a sad demise it was.

The third (and final) book in The Gannon Family series is called Under a Southern Skye. It's a prequel of sorts - but one you really should read after you've read the other two. This character plays a prominent role in this new book as it begins before their death. I'm happy that I'll be able to write more of this character's story - I'm trying damn hard not to throw out any spoilers here - but I will also have to write a little bit more about the way they die, as well. 

Sigh. I can only hope my readers love this character half as much as I do.

No one died in Dead Beat Dates & Deities. I can't promise that will be the case in Brides, Beasts & Baklava. I guess I'm not entirely sure about that myself yet - but even if I was, I certainly wouldn't tell you about it, now would I?