Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Place I Would Live Although I've Never Been There: Thirty Day Writing Challenge Day 5

This one is easy. No thought required.

Isle of Skye in Scotland. I'll pack right now. Get me a flight. I'm outta here.

While writing Alabama Skye, I became intrigued with this place. Writing A Skye Full of Stars made me fall in love. 

Portree - where Cheney was born and raised.

Coos! (No. I didn't misspell that.)

Neist Point ~ is a view point on the most westerly part of Isle of Skye, Scotland. The Neist Point Lighthouse has been located here since 1909.

Isle of Skye fairy pool
In Under a Southern Skye, (the third Gannon Family novel) I travel back to Scotland at the beginning and throughout WWII. Not all of it takes place on Skye, but some of it does. I'm looking forward to going back and visiting again ... even if it is all through photographs.

I'll visit the island someday. Will I ever live there? Well, stranger things have been known to happen.