Friday, July 29, 2016

In Five Years I'd Like ...

Well, in five years I'll be the big 5 - 0. Give me a second to ponder that if you will.

Okay, I'm back. 

In five years, my daughter will be twenty-two, and my son will be graduating from high school. I will have successfully homeschooled both kids from Kindergarten through their senior years, and I will be beginning a life without teaching. In five years I have no doubt that I will be missing homeschooling very much indeed. 

It would come as a surprise to me if I am still living here in Colorado Springs five years from now. I am a Colorado native, but the Springs has been my least favorite place to live in the state. I do love my house, but I won't stay here for very long. My dream is to live by the ocean. It has been for a very long time. Perhaps in that time you will find me on the coast writing my next novel.

Speaking of novels - in five years I will have completed the Gannon Family Series, and the Goddess of Tornado Alley books as well. I've been averaging about a book a year - although in 2017, I have two scheduled releases - so in 2021, I should have at least eleven books published. I might even know what all of those books will be even as I type this. Oh, yes. I have a lot of fun writing ahead of me.

I might weigh less. I certainly won't talk or write any less. The puppies will no longer be puppies, (and will have, hopefully, found a bit of calm in their maturity.) Mouse will, undoubtedly, be a cranky, but lovable cat. (He will still be harboring resentment over the cross country move he endured five years previously. You know felines are famous for holding grudges.)

Maybe in five years I can go on that trip to Greece I've always wanted to take. Or perhaps it will be Scotland. I need to cross the Skye Bridge and visit Portree - maybe dip my toes in the fairy pools and have a shot of Talisker whisky.

I hope I will have gotten a chance to meet some of the incredible authors and readers I am long distance friends with today. If any of you are up for an adventure, give me a shout. I plan to have a sailboat by then, too. You can climb aboard and we'll adventure a bit together.