Thursday, July 21, 2016

First Love/First Kiss: Thirty Day Writing Challenge Day 3

Wow. This is awkward.

Okay ... I'm going to switch these around, because the kiss came first. Don't get excited, y'all. We were both twelve years old and had mouths full of braces. It was not passionate. It was more along the lines of painfully uncomfortable, (at least emotionally if not physically) ... but I'm guessing most first kisses are. 


His name was Brian. I'd known him since forever ... or what seemed like forever back then. We'd gone to school together since about the second grade I think, and he had always been a good friend. Both of our mom's were room mother's at school, and I don't really remember a time when he wasn't a part of my everyday life. 

I'll be honest ... I think I had a crush on Brian back in elementary school. If he knew it, he kept quiet about it. His best friend knew, though, and he didn't approve. Me and Brent ... well, we weren't the best of friends. I can't remember now why that was. I don't think we disliked each other, really, I think the bantering back and forth was just the nature of our relationship; neither good, nor bad. It just was.

That first kiss took place near Brian's locker after school sometime in the seventh grade. It was a quick affair, and I think we both wound up laughing about it even as we parted. Like I said ... the kiss itself was nothing to write home about, but I could've done a lot worse with the boy.

My first love. This one is more difficult. There's a lot of feelings wrapped up in this one.

Kelly. We'll just stick to first names here because that's best, I think. I dated Kelly for about two years ... and in high school, that's a very long time. He was a good guy. One of the best.

He was funny,
and sentimental.

When I look back now on the relationship we shared, I can see it with a clarity I couldn't while we were in the middle of it ... and I understand why the two of us never made it past our senior prom. Back then, though? Being together felt like everything. It felt like the world. And at seventeen, it really was.


I have no idea what ever became of Brian. He was a handsome guy, and was always one of those super smart kids in school. I'm sure he's done very well for himself, and I hope that he has a wife he really enjoys kissing. 

Kelly and I have inadvertently bumped into each other once or twice in the long stretch of time since our high school graduation. We both have spouses and families ... although there is very little else I know about him now. I think of him fondly, and I wish him the best. I will always be grateful that he was my first love.