Saturday, July 30, 2016

Two Words or Phrases That Make Me Laugh: Thirty Day Writing Challenge Day 12

I am quite fond of laughing. I laugh a lot. Actually, I'm more of a giggler. I don't know if that's a good thing - the giggling part - but I do know that it's pretty easy to elicit a happy response from me.

When I saw this topic, I knew it was going to be hard to pick just two things. Like I said, I really like to laugh. I came up with several things that I consistently find funny ... but that would have been hard to write in the proper context.

I don't cuss a lot, but I do cuss. I am definitely not offended by it, and often times I find it incredibly funny. I have been reading a soon to be released novel by an author I greatly admire. (Both novel and author will remain unnamed here - you know who you are.) Every time one of his characters uses a certain curse word, it makes me laugh. I don't know why. It just does. 

The word 'asshat' makes me laugh. Don't try to figure out the reasons behind this ... not even I can explain it. The first time I saw it in print was in an H.P. Mallory novel. When I read it, I found it absolutely hysterical. I'd heard it before, but seeing it on my Kindle screen made me giggle ... so much so that whenever I think about, it still cracks me up. Yes, by the way, I guess I am still a twelve-year-old child. Life is serious. You need to get your entertainment where you can.

I, like a lot of other people, love the show Friends. If you hang out in my house, you'll hear a lot of Friends references around here. One of my favorites is moo point. It's a cow's opinion. It doesn't matter. We say that all the time, and it always makes me laugh. If you haven't seen it, or want a fun reminder, check out the video below. Go ahead. Click on it. It's short and sweet and it'll make you laugh.

I'm laughing more often than I'm not. If I'm not laughing, (or at least smiling) people who know me wonder what's wrong. Annoying? Maybe. Especially if you're not a fan of giggling. I can't stop, but if you ask me nicely I'll try to be quiet about it.