Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dream Job #WingWritingChallenge Day 11

I'm fairly certain that my job - being a homeschooling mom, an author, and the owner of my own editing business -  is really my dream job. Okay, so that's really like three jobs, but that's cool. I'm a kick ass multi-tasker, so it all works for me. I'm not making huge stacks of cash, but I really love what I do, so I don't have any complaints. Now, if I were to write a bestselling novel that sold lots and lots of copies and put some money in the bank, (and that could very likely happen) I would be over the moon excited. Still, what I have going on right now ain't too shabby.

Still, there is another job I'd love to have - one I would truly consider to be a dream job. If I could be paid to travel, that would be unbelievable. 

I wouldn't have to give up my other jobs, and I'd get to explore the world - on someone else's dime. Seriously ... I'm not sure it could get better than that. 

If there's anyone out there who needs a traveler, let me fill you in on a couple of details about me. First, while first class is probably amazing, I've always flown coach, so if you don't want to spring for the more expensive tickets, I'll never know what I'm missing. Second, I'm sure I can live on bread, cheese and coffee, so feeding me would be a piece of cake. Ah ... cake. I do like the occasional slice of cake. Third, I can speak French fairly well, and enough German to get me by - but I'm great at charades, so you can send me pretty much anywhere. 

Until someone offers to pay me to travel the globe, I'll be here teaching my kids about the world they live in, writing about my own worlds, and helping other authors write about theirs.