Thursday, September 29, 2016

Marshmallow #WingWritingChallenge Day 13

Who in the heck came up with this topic???

Oh, yeah. It was me. This is what happens when you throw a bunch of words around and let them fall where they may. :) Let's see what kind of fun I have with this one, shall we?

I'm actually quite fond of marshmallows. When I was pregnant with my daughter, Maya, I had a wicked craving for them. I had a lot of weird cravings with her - including lemons with salt - but none of them lasted for very long. I remember eating an entire bag of marshmallows, just one right after the other. I look back now and wonder how it was that I only gained twenty-eight pounds throughout that pregnancy. 

I've always loved marshmallow sundaes at Dairy Queen. They're super sweet and halfway through I feel like I'm gonna throw up, but those first ten bites are absolute heaven.

And then there are s'mores. Come on now, who doesn't like s'mores?

I eat one of these once, maybe twice a year if I'm lucky. It's a camping thing, and, although I used to camp a lot as a child, I haven't done so much of it in the last twenty years or so. 

I have a serious sweet tooth, and marshmallows - in my humble opinion - are pretty terrific. A bit too sweet to eat very often, but once in a while, they sure hit the spot.