Friday, September 2, 2016

My Bathroom: #AKwritingChallenge Day 16

Our house was built in 1970, which is a year before I was born. I'm not sure if you're familiar with seventies style. It's groovy, man. 

That's not really fair, I guess. I mean, yes, the house was built in '70, but it's been remodeled since then. I've heard a lot of comments about the outside of our house. A lot of people really like it. It's all brick and we have that reading angel above the entrance way. (That was a selling point for me by the way - and I've turned her into a logo for my editing business.) Well, here, take a look for yourself.

That window above the roses is my office. At least for right now. Where I write/work tends to change a lot.
It's a great house. The puppies have a good backyard to play in. We're in a cul-de-sac about half a block away from a huge park, and we have awesome neighbors. If I ever needed anything, all I'd have to do is shout really loud and I'd have help right away. There's a giant lilac bush in the front, I have my own office space, and there's room for homeschooling. 

But the inside needs a ton of work.

I know this is a post about my bathroom. Well, I have three of them in this house. Every single one of them needs work.

I could talk about the bathroom downstairs. This is the one the kids use the most. It's got mermaid tile.

I happen to love the ocean. I think mermaids are cool, so I'm not so opposed to this tile, but I can only imagine how tedious this was to lay. I found a box of leftovers in the shed out back. These pieces are less than two inches wide. I would have gone stark raving mad putting this in. The grout is hard to keep clean, but this is the kids' domain and they're good about keeping up with it. This bathroom annoys me. The toilet wiggles and the shower backs up. The previous owner covered the heat vent so it's icy cold in the winter. (Don't even get me started on the previous owner. There isn't enough time and I certainly don't have enough energy to get into that.) Basically,  I try to stay away from this bathroom.  

There are two bathrooms on the main floor. When we first moved in, the kids slept up here, so it was their bathroom. We called it the blue bathroom back then because of the blue tile on the floor. It's not mermaid tile. It's a regular, very nice and modern tile in a pleasant shade of grayish blue. About a month after we moved in, we rescued a kitten from a local shelter. His cat box started out in the bathroom downstairs, but it turned out that he liked that bathroom just as much as I do. For reasons I won't go into here, (just thank me and read on) we moved his box up to the blue bathroom. It then became known as the cat bathroom.

This bathroom is just fine. As a matter of fact, I actually like this bathroom. It's got it's quirks. One whole shower door is a mirror, which is a little weird, but nothing that can't be worked around. The color choice is fine - and it's one of the only rooms in the entire house that doesn't have some sort of hideous wallpaper all over it. Everything is blue and white ...except for the tub. It's a Hydro-Tub. It's supposed to be a spa tub with jets, and the previous owners played that up a lot when we looked at the house. There are two problems with this tub; first, it doesn't work. It never has. Not since the day we moved in. Second, it's pink. 

It's a good shower, so I don't complain too loudly. I just keep the doors shut and don't really think about the tub unless I'm scrubbing it.

The master bath. This is kind of a play on words really. It's a bathroom, and it's attached to the master bedroom. I've never seen the original blueprints of the house, (which I would actually be really interested in) but my guess is that there never was a 'master bath'. I'm pretty sure one of the two previous owners turned a walk in closet into a bathroom. 

We are working on the wallpaper in the bedroom right now, so the door frame has been taken apart. The doorway is skinnier than it should be, and there never has been a door. That and the tile are definitely things that need to change, but for the most part, this bathroom is totally doable. I don't mind this one, and it's the one I always use.

We have hardwoods in the upper part of our the house, and it's really a great place to live ... if you don't look at the wallpaper. It's a work in progress. Someday it's gonna be great. Bathrooms and all.