Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Favorite Pair of Shoes #AKwritingChallenge Day 19

I used to love shoes. Love, love, love shoes. Especially in middle and high school. I couldn't get enough of shoes. I especially had a thing for flats. It was the 80's, after all. Stirrup pants and mini skirts, layered tops and bangle bracelets. I loved clothes, and I loved picking out shoes to go with my outfits.

I don't have that much energy now that I'm in my forties. I don't have the cute figure I had back then, the bank account frowns on shopping excursions, and I work from home. I no longer have a need for stirrup pants, and I lost all my bangle bracelets years ago. My wardrobe needs have changed a lot over the years.

I still wear shoes, of course, but I haven't fallen hard for a pair in a very long time.

I'm a sneakers kind of girl. I do wear flip flops in the summer. I have a pair of Teva flip flops that I'm particularly fond of. They're simple. They're black, so they go with anything, and they're comfy. They're easy, too. I step into them and go, but still, my favorite shoes are tennis shoes. Especially now that I've said goodbye to the collection of casts I've worn on my wrist in the past year and I'm capable of tying them on my own.

These are the shoes I wear the most now.

New Balance. I walk every morning. As a matter of fact, I took this a few hours ago after I came back from a walk. You can't tell that I'm sweating, huffing and puffing and saying bad words as I took this. I took a four day weekend, and kicking it back into gear this morning was ... okay, it was a bit profane.

I do own a couple pairs of heels. I think the last time I wore one of them was for a funeral I attended more than a year ago. I clean up nice when I need to, but if I can get away with it, I'll show up wherever I'm going with these on my feet.