Sunday, October 30, 2016

Favorite Saying #PNIWritingChallenge Day 13

Hmmmm ... seems to me that we've had this topic before. Ah, yes ... we did! Here it is. A Quote I Try to Live By. I didn't say all I could have in that post, though, so you lucky, lucky readers are in for a real treat.

One of my favorite sayings is "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." I'm pretty sure it was Dr. Seuss who said it - but then again, I could be wrong. I saw it for the first time not long before we were to make our journey from Germany back to the States. I can't express enough how much I didn't want to leave Germany. I really didn't want to leave Germany and come back to Colorado. I was heartbroken. I would have done just about anything in order to stay in our house in Linden. When I ran across this saying, I took it to heart. There was nothing I could do to keep us there - but I sure was happy to have had the experience.

There I go ... being all optimistic again. I'd apologize, but, well, that's just who I am.

My son told me the other day that "people who constantly feel the sun shining down on their curly, blonde heads can be really annoying sometimes". Huh. Now I wonder just who in the world he could've been talking about? 

A couple of months before Scott made that comment, my daughter came upstairs so that we could go and take our morning walk together. I didn't utter a single sound, said not one word to her, and still my optimism rankled. She scowled at me and said "You're smiling too loud." I kept my mouth shut and decided on that day, I would be quietly happy.

Why share this? Well, first, let me share with you another one of my favorite sayings.

I wasn't always this annoying little ray of sunshine. I wrote another post called "Most Likely To ..." that explains what I mean by that. The above quote really captures how I feel about myself, and I embrace it.

Many people are on the fence about me - or at least about my positive outlook on life. Let's face it, I'm nice to have around when you're feeling blue. I will work my ass off to cheer you up. Many people are grateful for that. Then again, sometimes I'm a real pain in the butt. I do annoy people. I don't mean to, but I do. That's why this is another one of my favorite sayings:

I worked too hard to become who I am - and I really like me this way. Yes ... for me, the glass is always half full. And, as my husband said not long ago, I have glasses scattered everywhere. He's kind of a neat freak, but this is the kind of clutter he doesn't mind at all.