Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Perfect Place to Create #PNIWritingChallenge Day 3

Our home is in a constant state of upheaval. We bought this house in late January, 2014. 

It's a great house. Did you see the reading angel above the front entrance?

I use her as one of my logos for Wing Family Editing. She was actually a huge draw for me the first time I saw this house.

There are so many things about my home that I really like. It's a year older than I am, so that means it's no spring chicken. Need I remind you what the 70's were like? They were oh, so stylish. Not. The outside of the house is, in my opinion, pretty awesome. The inside? Eh ... not so much. But it has great potential.

We are always working on part of the house. Every time we move to another room, my office gets moved. We've pulled all the carpet from the basement and are now trying to get all the wallpaper down. Not an easy feat, my friends. 

The master bedroom is also in a semi-finished state right now, and Steven and I are sleeping in another bedroom while we try to strip yet more wallpaper and get rid of the lovely popcorn ceiling. Wow. Who was it who thought that was a good design idea? 

Here's something lovely ...

... the light fixture in the master bedroom. Every time I look at it I think about Lawrence Welk and I start searching for a waltzing partner. I'm always surprised to find no bubbles floating around the room and no orchestra music playing. Yikes. Either that thing has to go or I need an appointment with my therapist. Okay, maybe both.

My office has been moved seven times now. Because I work on a desk top computer, I can't just write anywhere I want to. I don't have the luxury of toting a laptop with me here and there. I used to have a laptop, but I have a bad habit of wearing keyboards out. I'm no longer allowed a laptop. I'm too expensive. Right now I'm in a room with this wallpaper ...

All I can say is that I'm really glad I'm not easily distracted. Sometimes it gets a little hard to ignore this large herd of horses just staring into my soul, but for the most part I do okay. I think I might have to deal for a while. This room isn't up next in the remodeling rotation so I might be stuck with this for some time.

I'll tell you where I'd really feel creative. Right here.

Oh, yeah. Just think of all the writing I could get done in this spot. And if the ideas weren't coming to me, I'd have a hell of a time getting over my writer's block, wouldn't I?