Monday, October 3, 2016

I Wish ... #WingWritingChallenge Day 15

We had a family reunion of sorts on Saturday. It started out as a baby shower for my cousin Anna, who had her fourth child, a baby girl named Evelyn, at the end of July. When a few of our family members decided to fly in from Texas to see the new little one, we realized that all of the female members of our family would be in the same place at the same time. (Okay, so we were missing one - but it was as close as we could get.) While the party was still in Evelyn's honor, the gathering was one of the events in what was officially referred to as "The Harmelink Girls' Weekend".

We love the males in our family, but we're all about girl power, y'all.

I looked forward to this party for some time. We are a pretty close family - grown even more so since my grandmother's death three years ago. I hadn't seen my cousin, Laura, since the funeral, and hadn't ever met her youngest daughter, Eilee, who just celebrated her third birthday. I was also very excited about holding Evelyn. My kids are teenagers. I was in serious need of a baby fix.

This post could be "I wish I had another little one ..." which would be true, but we're long since past that.

As I held this newest addition in my arms, and while I talked with the cousins I don't see very often because they live so far away, one thought came to my mind ...

I wish that we got to see each other more. I wish we got to spend time together on a more regular basis, I wish we got to see all the kids grow up in real time instead of seeing it on Instagram and Facebook. Thank goodness we do have social media, but it would be so awesome to hug on these beautiful children, have conversations with them and hear them laugh face to face.

Everyone one of us, kids and adults, bring a certain something special to the family. Each one of us is a piece of a collective puzzle. It sure was fun spending the day together. I hope it's not another three years before we're all in the same place again.