Monday, October 3, 2016

Grateful #WingWritingChallenge Day 17

Wow. I have so very many things to be grateful for. I'm not really sure where to start with this post. That's a pretty amazing problem to have if you ask me.

I'm grateful for my children. Yes, they belong to me so of course I'm going to think they're the most wonderful kids in the history of forever. In this case it's absolutely true, though. They are.

And then there's my husband. He's one of the good guys. No. He's the best guy. He's handsome, too. And funny. It really doesn't get any better than that.

I got to spend the weekend with the women in my family. I love them all. We turned a baby shower into a celebration of all of us, which was so much fun. We sipped champagne, wore pink feather boas and I got to meet Evelyn, my newest cousin. She's beautiful. Then Maya and I went up to Evergreen and had a sleepover with my parents. Most comfortable bed ever. I'm grateful for that bed. The whole weekend was amazing.

Me, my mom and my daughter
I'm grateful for my mom. She and I had kind of rocky time for a long while. It's not like that anymore. She, Maya and I all played Yahtzee together Sunday morning. This was a special National Parks edition. (Yes, we get fancy games when we hang out with my mom.) The dice had moose and trees, rivers and park ranger hats on them. I scored two Yahtzee's in one game. Unheard of. That was pretty fun. I'm grateful for good Yahtzee games.

I got to write today. I have so much on my plate right now. I'm editing like crazy, and haven't had much time to write on my own novel - but I'm even grateful for that. (Not the not writing part, but the editing part.) I love being an editor, and I've gotten to work on some amazing projects. There are some coming up here in the hopefully not too distant future that I'm incredibly excited about. I'm grateful for creative, talented authors who choose me to work with them.

Here's something else I'm over the top grateful for. We have been worried about the renewal of said best husband's job contract. We found out a few days ago that it has been renewed. (HUGE sigh of relief!) We've got five years ahead of us with a solid contract. Whew! Now maybe both of us will be able to sleep better at night.

Okay, so I'm just grateful. I'm grateful for everything. My life is good. No. My life is damn near perfect. I'm happy to have been asked to write about this topic because even though I knew that, I'm grateful for the reminder.