Monday, October 3, 2016

In the Fridge ... #WingWritingChallenge Day 16

I've been meaning to clean the fridge out for more than a week now, truth be told. There's some pretty good stuff in there  There's some leftover pizza from last night, and, if I'm so inclined, plenty of salad fixings. (I'm thinking the pizza is much more likely to become lunch than a bowl full of greens, though.)

There's also a lot of stuff that needs to be tossed. I kind of don't want to think about that, really. 

Here's something funny ... you see the bag on the top shelf? Here's a better photo of it ...

Maya and I spent the weekend with my mom and she sent some food home with us. Those are potato chips there in that bag. I'm not sure who put this in the fridge - I know it wasn't me. I didn't see them in there until this morning. 

Guess what? They're still there. I'll take care of them later. You know, when I get that pizza I'm planning on eating for lunch.