Thursday, October 27, 2016

Non-Fiction: Read and Unread #PNIWritingChallenge Day 11

I'm a homeschooling mom so I own a lot of non fiction books. Take a look at this ... here's a few of them.

Please ignore the fact that I really need to dust. Housework, man ... it's the last thing I ever find the time for.

Have I read every book in this shelf? Hmmmm. Let's say that every book here has been opened. I think that's a safe bet. I'm sure I've used a majority of those encyclopedias, (I wasn't raised on the internet, you know ... sometimes actual books are better) and the foreign language dictionaries. I'm decent at French, but the German? Well, I've needed more help in that department. This is only one of our homeschooling bookshelves. I have several more, but this gives you the general idea. 

I'm also a huge research geek. I love research. I know. My kids don't get it, either.

Oh, wait ... The Odyssey is on this shelf ... That's because this is where I keep a lot of my Greek mythology reference. Again, this is a small sampling of my non fiction collection. I have books all over this house. Fortunately I live with a bunch of readers and my book clutter hasn't caused too much grief.

So, the question today was "Do you own non-fiction books you’ve yet to read beyond the first page?" The answer would be  a resounding no. Have I read all of them cover to cover? Again, no. I have specific things I'm looking for, so those are the things I seek out. I have read many of them cover to cover - some of them numerous times. 

I guess that means I need to go and buy more books, doesn't it?