Sunday, October 16, 2016

Work in Progress #WingWritingChallenge Day 30

I'll admit. I'm a little sad to be writing this post. It's the last time I'll write #WingWritingChallenge. It's been fun. All of the challenges have been. Okay, there were a few posts in there that were decidedly not fun - but writing them was good for my soul and I'm happy I made myself do it. 

We're starting a new challenge tomorrow. It's called Potatoes Not Included, or #PNIWritingChallenge. Don't ask me what that means. I have no idea. I do, however, know the author who came up with it. The imaginative Mr. Randy Brown is in charge of this one, and I think he's come up with some fun prompts. I hope you weren't thinking all of these posts were going to come to an end. This is post number 90. I'm on a roll now. I'm not inclined to stop here. 

The final post for #WingWritingChallenge (sorry, I had to type it out one more time) is "Work in Progress".  That means I get to go and visit the little (fictional) town of Sparrow, Nebraska ... oh, and Mt. Olympus again. I think that's a very entertaining note to end this challenge on.

For those of you who don't know, I released a book this past May called Dead Beat Dates & Deities. It's the first book in the Goddess of Tornado Alley series. Here's the book trailer if you'd like to take a look. It'll tell you all you need to know about this first novel.

Now I am busily working on the second book. It's called Brides, Beasts & Baklava. If you thought the first book was goofy, just wait, y'all. There's something about writing for Frankie, Ella and Archer that makes me ridiculously silly. I'm a hoot. Just ask me.

Here's the cast of characters from both books. If you've read DBD&D, you'll notice a few new faces here. 

I'm still in the process of writing up the synopsis. I'm not sure if there's anything I hate more about being an author than writing a synopsis. That will come later, but in the meantime, take a look at a few teasers I've made for this upcoming novel.

And here's one more ...

If you're interested in Goddess of Tornado Alley, or any of my novels, you can check them out here on my website. I'll be making up some more teasers as I continue to write, and be looking for the synopsis sometime soon. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?